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 A  Journey  to  Lasting  Love
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About The School

Love is not the only thing you'll need !

Your marriage is one of the most important assets you have.

Your relationship gives you strength, security, a home, a family, happiness and much more.

But - as many unfortunate couples often discover too late - love is not enough to make your marriage succeed on the long run.

You also need a set of tools and practices that are unfortunately rarely taught anywhere. A successful marriage doesn't happen by accident!

The purpose of our coaching classes is to provide you with exactly that: all the tools, best practices & knowledge you'll need in order to make your marriage last, no matter what life will throw at you.

Marriage coaching is for couples that realize that life is long and the challenges will be many. It is about love and commitment. It is the pro-active approach to happiness and fulfillment in the most important relationship of your life!

Our services are like a driving license for your marriage. Trying to “wing it” could lead to painful or even dramatic events. Why take the risk when a safe and proven way is available? Especially when the stakes are so high?

So take action and don’t leave it to pray and hopes.


Make sure you make investing in your marriage a priority & enjoy the benefits of this choice for the rest of your life!


Wherever you are in your journey, we are here to support you
Divorce Prevention:</br>"Should I stay or should I go?"Divorce Prevention:</br>"Should I stay or should I go?"

Divorce Prevention:
"Should I stay or should I go?"

All you need to know about divorce,

in one consultation only!

Before you make any decision, make sure you have a full understanding of your situation and options. That’s exactly what you’ll get by investing in this 3-hour consultation with me.

By investing in this coaching session, you will:

- Have a crystal clear vision of where you are and what are your options

- Learn about the most common causes of separation and solutions

- Gain instant clarity about the landscape of and 10 areas impacted by divorce (legal, financial, social, emotional etc) and its process

- What make things worse in an emotionally charged environment

- Who you have to become to thrive during this difficult transition

- Get organized for the worst

- Avoid costly mistakes in your decision-making process, to save your time & money

- Prepare your meeting with your lawyer or financial planner (this one alone will be worth your investment!)

- Get prepared for a life changing journey and receive the guidance you'll need all the way through your transition period


Your Investment:

297 USD - incl. 3-hour online consultation via Skype, with slide presentation & Q/A

This investment will allow you to get a professional feedback and a crystal clear picture of where you are right now and what your options are for the future, in only 3 hours.
Marriage Education:</br>Learn the Keys to Lasting Love!Marriage Education:</br>Learn the Keys to Lasting Love!

Marriage Education:
Learn the Keys to Lasting Love!

Half-Day Intensive: The first step to a happy marriage

Your relationship with your spouse is one of your most precious assets, and our job at the School of Marriage Education is to protect that asset!

Couples are rarely taught about the tools and information they need to build a happy, solid marriage. That's probably why most divorces occur within 3 to 5 years of marriage!

Don't rely on hope, be pro-active and invest in this coaching session of exploration & discovery. We will facilitate the key conversations you should have, about your expectations, vision and dreams together.

No guess work here: you will start your coaching experience by taking an online assessment that will tell you exactly where you are today in your relationship. Based on that report, we will then explore together where you want to go next and how.

This initial session by itself will give you a clarity you may never have experienced before.

This Half-Day Intensive includes:

  • An online assessment (500 questions) to fill-in before the session
  • One afternoon of intensive learning and coaching (online or in person)
  • The session will include 2 individual sessions and one join session
  • Your Investment:

    497 USD / 4000 HKD


    Exploration Course:

    Learn the 7 principles that make marriage work!

    (in 5 afternoons)

    Imagine stepping away from your daily life and spending 5 beautiful afternoons of learning and growing, in a peaceful environment.

    Whether you are newlyweds or a seasoned couple, you’ll learn new skills for deepening intimacy, becoming better at managing conflicts, and enhancing your sense of shared meaning. Those mini-retreats include lectures and exercises to be completed just with your partner.

  • Design your own Roadmap to Happiness by learning new love skills & rituals
  • Explore what to expect during your first years of marriage and beyond
  • Deepen your understanding of communication styles, friendship, in-laws, holidays planning, career management, parenthood, how to fight fair & finally get through gridlocked conflicts
  • Clarify your vision and goals as a couple
  • Cherish & respect each other more deeply
  • Successfully manage times of transition (newly parent; moving overseas; empty-nester
  • You'll go back refreshed and empowered, having crafted your own recipe for marital happiness, for years to come!

    Your Investment:

    2,497 USD / 20,000 HKD or 5 payments of 497 USD (4000 HKD)/month over 5 months.

    Includes 5 afternoons of intensive teaching & coaching (5x3 hours / afternoon) over 2 to 3 months.

    Emotional Healing:</br>Using Bach Flowers RemediesEmotional Healing:</br>Using Bach Flowers Remedies

    Emotional Healing:
    Using Bach Flowers Remedies

    Reclaim your Emotional Balance with this simple method!

    The Bach Flower Remedies is a system of 38 Flower Remedies discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician and pathologist in England, more than 80 years ago. They are now used by millions worldwide!

    The Remedies are 100% natural and safe and are meant to remove all your negative emotions by flooding them with the positive energies from the flowers

    During our consultation, we’ll start by exploring the way you feel at the moment, in order to define which remedies best match your current feelings. We’ll then select up to six or seven different remedies to create your personalized remedy. After three weeks of use, we’ll have a feedback session to see how things evolved and if new emotions emerged in the meantime.

    You’re about to embark in a delightful journey by experiencing the subtle yet powerful impact of these Flowers in your life !


    The package includes:

  • One pre-assessment to fill-in before the session
  • One 45-min sessions (+ one complimentary follow-up session)
  • Gift: One personalized remedy (for people living in Hong-Kong only)
  • Consultations can be done in person in Hong-Kong or via Skype.

    Your Investment:

    65 USD / 500 HKD

    Contact us today at:

    Meet with French Founder
    Patricia Graff
    “Building a meaningful family legacy starts with strong foundations in your marriage”
    Patricia is a full-fledged professional who is dedicating her career to helping people with their relationships. She acts as a close confidante, the person you can tell everything, no matter how painful, exciting or embarrassing.
    Patricia holds degrees in International Law and Mediation; she also received numerous certifications from coaching institutions around the world. She learned directly from the bests in this field - from John Gottman to Antony Robbins - in order to complete her formal education and become the best at what she does.
    From French and Japanese origins, you will find nowhere else such a blend of professionalism, skills, trustworthiness, empathy, service and dedication.
    Founder of the School of Marriage Education, Patricia lives in Hong-Kong with her husband since 2008.


    After seeing her own parents going through a painful divorce in their sixties, Patricia experienced first-hand the devastating effects this had on the emotional well-being and wealth of everyone involved.
    Later on, while working for a prestigious law firm, she witnessed how often couples put many unrealistic expectations on their lawyers’ shoulders and how destructive it could be for the whole family.
    Moving into divorce coaching, she then quickly realized the missing gap: people put a lot of efforts in preparing for their wedding but almost NEVER to get ready for the day after!
    In essence, married couples are rarely equipped with the basics of what make marriage work, on how to maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Nobody taught them those crucial skills: What a glaring gap in the marriage institution! Especially when attending some sort of marriage education can prevent almost all those challenges and sufferings in the first place, before problems set in.
    So she decided to create the School of Marriage Education in order to promote Marriage Education in Asia & to help couples build strong foundations they can lean on for the rest of their life. She’s especially keen on working with couples in the first few months of their marriage, where the effect will be the most significant and long lasting.
    Remember: a successful and long-lasting marriage requires more than just love.
    Her consultations can equally be conducted in ENGLISH and in FRENCH

    Life is a Field of

    Infinite Possibilities


    My heartfelt invitation is this: If you are willing to do what it takes to experience a meaningful relationship journey, schedule a conversation with me, and let's find out if this is the right time for you to invest in my programs.